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Bay Saint Louis is located in Hancock County, in southern Mississippi, U.S. It lies along the Mississippi Sound (an embayment of the Gulf of Mexico) at the entrance to St. Louis Bay (named in 1699 for Louis IX of France), 58 miles (93 km) northeast of New Orleans, Louisiana. The site was part of a 1789 Spanish land grant to Thomas Shields. The village soon became a resort for wealthy planters and, later, for tourists who arrived after the New Orleans, Mobile and Chattanooga Railroad was completed in 1869. The town was incorporated as Shieldsborough in 1818 and as the city of Bay Saint Louis in 1882. In 1814, during the War of 1812, the bay was the scene of the naval engagement against the British known as the Battle of Pass Christian. In the late 20th century, casino gambling fueled the growth of the city, significantly increasing tourism’s importance to the local economy. Bay Saint Louis, along with most of Hancock county, sustained severe storm damage in 2005 from Hurricane Katrina; the neighboring city of Waveland was virtually razed. The John C. Stennis Space Center of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is about 15 miles west of the city.

The Bay St. Louis Council and Mayor
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Bay St. Louis accepting resumes from citizens who are professionals in willing to serve and support the Bay-Waveland School District

The City of Bay St. Louis is currently accepting resumes from citizens who are professionals in willing to serve and support the Bay-Waveland School District and make a difference in the overall quality of education that the school is providing and must be awarded a minimum of a high school diploma or a certificate of high school equivalency but not limited to:
Consistently express the belief that all students can learn and that schools can teach all children.
Be visionary, able to understand the forces of societal change and to plan for the future.
Be willing to invest the many hours that will be necessary to carry out the duties of the office.
Have a sincere desire to serve the community.
Remember the responsibility is to all the children.
The chief responsibilities of a School Board Member are but not limited to:
Evaluates the job performance of the Superintendent.
Ensures the mission of the organization to properly educate children is being accomplished.
Works to secure adequate financial resources for the school system; approves and monitors the budget.
Ensures the continuous development and constant improvement of the educational program with the school system.
Ensures adequate and effective personnel are employed.
Resumes must be received in the Mayor’s Office at 688 Highway 90 by 4:00 p.m. on Friday, January 28, The mailing address is: City of Bay St. Louis, Mayor’s Office, Post Office Box 2550, Bay St. Louis, MS., For more information, contact Mary Burch at (228)466-8951 or mburch@baystlouis-ms.gov.


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