Administrative Division


The Administrative Division of the Bay St. Louis Police Department is under the supervision of Deputy Chief Christine Johnson. The division consists of the Departmental Administrative Assistant, an Executive Administrative Assistant and a Records Clerk.


This division is responsible for all correspondences that pertain to the police department. All criminal reports that are written by the patrol division, investigations, and animal control are transcribed and stored by the Records Clerk. Accident reports, all correspondence, payroll and traffic citations are handled by the Administrative Assistant and Receptionist.


Persons wanting a copy of a police report or an accident report can follow the following process:

The Officer who is filing your initial report will give you a case card; this will have the information you will need in order to receive a copy of a report.


When requesting a copy of a report, it is important that you list the CASE NUMBER on your request. This number will be located on the front of the case card. For example, Case Number 10-12345.


To obtain a copy of a report, mail the following:

For an Accident Report that occurs on a state county or city street, the fee is:     $25.00

For an Accident Report that occurs on private property, the fee is:                      $15.00

For any other report filed, the fee is:                                                               $15.00


Enclose in your envelope a check or money order for the amount listed above; a self-addressed envelope; and a brief letter requesting a copy of the report by CASE NUMBER. Once your request is received, it will take approximately (5) business days to mail it. This time might be extended in the event the incident is under investigation.


The Administrative Division also takes fingerprints for persons who require them for employment.

The process for obtaining fingerprints is:

1.  You must have a fingerprint card issued by the company who is requesting them.

2.  The fee for fingerprints is:  $25.00/per card.

3.  You must provide proper identification.


Contact Numbers for the Administrative Division:


Deputy Chief Christine Johnson
(228) 466-5474
Sandra Day, Administrative Assistant
(228) 466-5453
Tammy Brady, Records Section
(228) 466-5469
Laura Griffith, Administrative Assistant
(228) 466-5471