Live Streaming Help File

The City of Bay Saint Louis City Council Meetings are now being live streamed through the following link:

When you go to this page, there will be a banner just under the page menu that says “Live”.  Click that link to watch the City Council Meeting. 

After the meeting is over, the video can be watched by clicking the link “video” to the right of the meeting date.

On this page there is a link to register.  This will allow you to receive the email notifications that the Agenda is ready and accessible on the web portal listed above.  When you register, click “Citizens Distribution List” and you will receive those notifications.

There have been some technical difficulties with the live stream, which are being addressed.  If you are having any issues watching the live stream, please try the following:

Make sure the web address says “http” and not “https”.  Make sure the “s” is gone.  Then refresh the webpage and try to watch again. 

Try a different browser.  Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Opera are some suggestions. 

If you are still having issues, please email Caitlin Bourgeois at and give details about what browser you are using, or have used, and what is happening (looping, freezing, etc.).  Wait for just a bit and try to refresh the page or close it and reopen to try to watch again. 

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