Planning and Zoning Commission

Commission Members:
Amy Doescher – Chairman
Clark Breland – Commissioner
Chet LeBlanc – Commissioner
Harold Weber – Commissioner
Willie Acker – Commissioner
Dean Agee – Commissioner

While trying to accommodate property owners finding a “middle” ground for zoning issues is not always an allowable alternative for the seven members of the Planning and Zoning Commission.  The boundaries for alterations or changes are established by local and state laws.

In addition to local and state laws, the Commission must also consider the future and how what may be decided today will affect the future of the city. The Commission members are well-studied volunteers dedicating time for much more than just a monthly meeting. The members spend much of their time in the study of the laws of zoning, site visits, and meetings with the city’s zoning administrator and building code official.

Commission members have staggered terms and receive no remuneration for their services.
The group meets the last Tuesday of each month, 5:30 p.m., City Council Conference Center, 598 Main Street.

For the most current zoning information please contact the city’s Zoning Administrator, Jeremy Burke at 228-466-5516.


Zoning Map
Bay St. Louis Zoning Ordinance – 2017


Amendment to the Zoning Ordinance
Planned Unit Development Application
Preliminary Subdivision Application
Special Exception Application
Special Subdivision Plat Approval
Special Use District Application
Variance Application

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