The Bay St. Louis Design Standards

Months of work and research by some of the nations top architectural and planning experts went into establishing the Bay St. Louis Design Standards.  It’s a fascinating document with lots of pictures.  Just flipping through it will give you a better appreciation for the Bay.  It will also have you beginning to notice some of the interesting architectural details around our town that make it so special.

Referring to the Design Standards in the planning stages of your project will help you avoid common errors that could detract from both the value and the beauty of your building.  The Historic Preservation Commission refers to the standards when making decisions on projects, so being familiar with its basics could save you time too!


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Click here for a simplified guide to fencing in the Historic District! 

Sample Elevation Drawings PDF

One of the documents you’ll be required to submit with your application are elevation drawings.  In this case, “elevation” means a perspective of your building, rather than having to do with the sea level of your property.  The drawings show how the building will look to a viewer and give important detailing information.  The building department and contractors will need the same type of drawings before construction begins.  Download the file below for sample drawings that include the type details you’ll need to provide.  


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Online Inventory of Bay St. Louis Historic District buildings

Mississippi Department of Archives and History Online Inventory of buildings in the Bay St. Louis Historic District.  It lists 1556 buildings – including many that no longer exist (those are highlighted in blue).  You’ll find images and information like construction dates and architectural styles of each building.  Each has its own individual page, simply click on the name to see it.

To find a certain address, look under “Edit” in your browser program.  Select “find.”  Then type in the address or street name. 

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