ArtsAlive! “Southern Sweets” Competition
Contact:  Ellis Anderson
Board Member - The Arts, Hancock County
cell:  (228) 493.2107

Amateur chefs, gourmet cooks and grandmothers with a secret family recipe all have a chance to strut their stuff in the “Southern Sweets” competition during ArtsAlive! in Old Town Bay St. Louis on Saturday, March 22nd.
The contest is being held in front of the Starfish Café, 211 Main Street.  On the day of the event, three local celebrity chefs will sample the desserts and award prizes based on originality, presentation and taste.  The top prize is $250 cash, while second prize is $100 and third is $50.
Only the first twenty entries will be accepted due to time considerations.  Forms are available online (on the Culinary Showcase page) or at the Starfish Café.  The $25 entry fee will be donated to the Starfish Café’s youth training program.  Deadline to enter is March 18th.
There’s a sweet twist too, since there will be a second contest after the formal judging.  The first 50 spectators to volunteer will receive a Judge’s Badge.  They’ll get to sample each of the twenty desserts, divided into 50 bite-sized portions.  After the votes are counted, one People’s Choice winner will be declared.
Martha Whitney Butler is a board member of The Arts, Hancock County, which is producing ArtsAlive!  Butler has been working with the Starfish Café crew to organize the “Southern Sweets” competition.
“We wanted to put a spotlight on the culinary arts during this first Old Town ArtsAlive!,” says Butler.  “It should be really exciting to see all the entries and then get to watch the judging.  And who wouldn’t want to be a People’s Choice judge and get to sample all the entries?  It’s a dream job for anyone with a sweet tooth!”
Butler says there’s no cash prize for the People’s Choice award but the winner will certainly take home some serious bragging rights, as well as being posted on the ArtsAlive website ( ).
The local celebrity chef judges are Chef Wes Debenport (West End Restaurant), Michael Eastham (Sycamore House Restaurant) and Chef Zach Fillhart (The Starfish Café ).
ArtsAlive! also features a singer-songwriter competition, an Aspiring Writers contest, an “On the Spot” fiction contest, a Writers Market, a student art exhibition, a juried art exhibition.
The Artist Showcase will feature 57 artists at 20 Old Town locations, many of them giving demonstrations and teaching throughout the day.
Even the Bay St. Louis Little Theatre is getting into the act, producing a fun theatre tableau with actors bringing to life the characters from a famous painting.
For full details on each event, a schedule and map, go to:
ArtsAlive! 2014
Area artists are being invited to participate in a “reinvented event,” ArtsAlive! 2014, slated to take place from 10am – 8:30 pm on Saturday, March 22nd in Old Town Bay St. Louis.
The name has been around since 2004, but according to the website (, this year’s festival is a new “multi-faceted celebration - one where music, art, food, and literature mix it up for an unforgettable experience.”
Produced by The Arts, Hancock County, the festival is actually comprised of several events taking place simultaneously and encompassing the visual, literary, musical, and culinary arts.
The Artists Showcase is the main focus of the event, with dozens of artists showing and selling their work at “Host” businesses in Old Town.  Free demonstrations and talks by the artists about their techniques take place through the day.
The showcase is open to artists nationwide for a nominal fee ($25 for members of The Arts, Hancock County, $50 for non-members which includes a year’s membership in The Arts).  Artists are paired with host businesses for the day and are featured on the event’s website and in the event program.  Deadline for artists to register is February 22nd (applications available at
But there’s a competitive side to this new ArtsAlive! too.
“Think of it as sort of an ‘American Idol’ for the arts,” says The Arts president Cynthia Mahner, smiling.  “Our new motto is ‘Celebrating Art, Engaging Communities and Enriching Lives!’  So we’re staging events that will engage entire families and get them excited about creative endeavors of all kinds.  People can come out and cheer on their favorite artist or student.”
Nine different competitions are offering nearly $3,000 in cash prizes for top contestants on the day of the event.  There will be a student “Aspiring Writers” contest, and an “On the Spot” fiction contest, where writers are given just three hours to write a story about a specific topic, announced that morning.  There’s also a “Southern Sweets” culinary competition, and a singer-songwriter competition – one that has already attracted entries from as far away as North Carolina.
In addition, a juried art show and a student art show - both offering generous cash prizes - will be on display.  In the afternoon, a fun theatre tableau will take place on the courthouse steps, with actors bringing to life the characters from a famous painting.
Mahner says the new ArtsAlive has been enthusiastically embraced by both artists and Old Town merchants.
“So far the response has far exceeded our expectations.  That’s always a great place to be.”
For complete ArtsAlive! information, go to:
The City & CGI to promote our community.

Property Cleanup Public Hearings





August 20, 2013


By order of the Bay St. Louis City Council, the governing authority of the City, a Public Hearing shall be held for the blow listed properties “to determine whether the properties or parcels listed, within the municipality of Bay St. Louis, is in such a state of uncleanliness as to be a menace to the public health, safety and welfare of the community.”


Properties to be set for Public Hearings for September 17, 2013


  1. 1308 N. Beach                       Parcel: 144L-0-18-020.000
  2. 1310 N. Beach                       Parcel: 144L-0-18-012.000
  3. 432 Sycamore St                    Parcel: 137J-0-44-109.000
  4. 508 Hancock St                      Parcel: 149M-2-30-088.000
  5. 940 S. Beach                         Parcel: 149N-0-30-237.000
  6. 101 Bay Oaks                         Parcel: 161A-1-01-007.021
  7. 11232 Texas St                      Parcel: 134R-0-40-270.000
  8. 11240 Texas St                      Parcel: 134R-0-40-271.000
  9. Texas St                                Parcel: 134R-0-40-272.000
  10. 67 Harrison Rd                        Parcel: 136L-0-37-073.000



Properties to be set for Public Hearings for October 8, 2013


  1. 632 N. Beach Blvd                 Parcel: 149C-0-20-086.000                   
  2. 152 Burnett St                     Parcel: 144M-0-19-132.000
  3. 10320 Anthony Falco Rd        Parcel: 137C-0-42-029.000
  4. 11308 Lake Dr                      Parcel: 137D-0-42-002.000
  5. 11336 Lake Dr                      Parcel: 137D-0-42-003.000
  6. 4001 Old Lazy River               Parcel: 135P-0-39-192.001
  7. 4090 Victoria St                    Parcel: 135M-0-39-281.000
  8. Victoria St                            Parcel: 135M-0-39-288.000
  9. Victoria St Parcel: 135M-0-39-290.000
  10. 10037 Central Ave Parcel: 139A-0-29-168.000
Beauty in flowers

Here is just one example of the many beautification projects that the City of Bay St. Louis' Beautification Department has been involved with. Below is an article from the Sun Herald.


After reading the below article from the Sun Herald, if you would like learn more about America Responds With Love and activities taking place not only here in Bay St. Louis, but throughout the state of Mississippi, you can click on this Press Release link for more details.


Organization to supply flowers on Coast


Read more here:

In a few weeks, lilies, berries, elephant ears and other flowers will be in full bloom in a few towns across the Gulf Coast with the help of a national non-profit organization, America Responds With Love.


The organization, based in Valley Forge, Pa., specializes in helping communities across the nation, particularly those that have been devastated by a natural disaster. The bulbs will be planted in communities throughout Harrison and Hancock counties.


"It's important for people to look forward," said Richard McDonough, president of America Responds With Love, Inc. "Within about six weeks, you can change the landscape, it's about helping people enhance their communities."

McDonough said his organization has been sponsoring projects in Mississippi for several years.


"You wouldn't know it, but many of the flowers growing in Bay St. Louis at different times have been from us," he said. "It makes the area more attractive. It won't solve everything, but it gives people an opportunity to be productive."

McDonough said depending on the community, garden clubs, volunteers or city employees plant the bulbs.


"It goes beyond simply having the area look pretty, in some places this is specifically done for people to go out and get exercise," McDonough said. "It's even good from an educational standpoint, it teaches people how things grow."


The coastal communities are part of a statewide initiative, which includes more than 1 million flower bulbs being planted in 21 towns and cities across Mississippi. McDonough said Petal, a town near Hattiesburg that sustained severe damage during a EF-4 tornado in February, is one storm-ravaged area that will receive flowers.


"Our view is to help those who have fallen down get back up," McDonough said.


Communities were chosen to participate based on applications or recommendations.


The Mississippi Municipal League, Keep Mississippi Beautiful, the Mississippi Beverage Association and the U.S. Department of Agriculture are also working with America Responds With Love on the project.



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