Cultural Affairs Department

First floor of City Hall located at 688 Hwy 90, Bay St. Louis, MS  39520
Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday - Friday


Paula Fairconnetue, Cultural Affairs Director

Phone: (228) 466-5458
Fax: (228) 466-5490

The Cultural Affairs Department of the City of Bay St. Louis is currently re-defining its goals. The city will encompass more than the support of traditional arts but also special event and museum exhibit development and implementation that will reflect the cultural diversity of the city, not just the art forms practiced.


The department is lead by Paul Fairconnetue, a 14-year employee with the City of Bay St. Louis.  She served as Clerk of Council from 1998 – 2006 and more recently, served as Deputy Clerk and Recovery Coordinator with the Community Development Department.  Paula has recently transitioned to Cultural Affairs where she will work in the community as liaison for the city among other pertinent duties.


Bay St. Louis has tremendous cultural potential. The city has a history of support for local art, civic organizations — both public and private — that promote art including The Arts – Hancock County, Bay St. Louis Little Theatre, Hancock County Library System, the Chamber, Tourism and Main Street.


More emphasis is being placed on the value of our local culinary artists, currently as much a mainstay for attracting visitors as the city’s other artists have become.  An example would be the recent advertisement of our local chefs in Bon Appetite.

Ideas from the newly formed Recreational and Economic Development Boards will be incorporated into the division as the city’s budget allows.

On-going historical documentation of the city’s affairs will continue and become a regular part of the city’s Web site.