Community Hall

“The Bay St. Louis Community Hall is of it’s place embodying the rich cultural influences of French, English and Spanish heritage, coastal vernacular and traditional American downtown architectural precedents within the community. Each building element is influenced by the place including the brick and mortar colors, lattice& brick detailing, porches and exterior spaces as well as the classically traditional elements such as the pediment and cast stone columns.”


Introductory Prices:
Rental Fee (Ballroom) $1,000.00 Deposit $400.00
Rental Fee (Entire Building) $1,500.00 Deposit $500.00
Non-Profit Fee (Ballroom) $500.00 Deposit $400.00
Non-Profit Fee (Entire Building) $750.00 Deposit $500.00
Rehearsal / 1-hour minimum $75.00/per hour
Rental Fee (Meeting Rooms) $250.00 Deposit $100.00
Non-Profit Fee (Meeting Rooms) $125.00 Deposit $100.00
*Local Government Rental Fee: at city's discretion, fees for local government functions, may be waived partially or entirely.*


Contact Katie Stewart, City of Bay St. Louis Property Rentals, at (228) 342-3664 for rental information.


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